Thursday, March 21, 2013

Folder: Outdoors

Farm greenhouse yard
I really love the simplicity of this farm greenhouse yard of Erix in Kinna, Sweden. It is this feeling that tingles me every spring, that I'd love to have a beautiful outdoor in front of my downtown apartment to step into, have a work break just to catch some sunrays and then get back inside. A vintage bench with a toss pillow or two, small trees put into rattan baskets and edible greenery planted into raised garden boxes is such a great alternative to a city balcony or terrace. Natural landscapes extending as far as the eyes can see with large trees, horses and birds would be fine too, but I don't want to get too greedy ;)

P.s. This looks like a great raised garden bed starter. Now, all I need is to find the place to put it.

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Image by Carina Olander via made in persbo.


  1. Πως γίνεται να μεταφερθώ μέσα σε αυτή την φωτογραφία; Με φαντάζομαι ήδη με ξύλινα τσοκαράκια, πλισέ μακρύ φουστανάκι, πλατύ λευκό καπελάκι κι έναν κουβά γάλα στο χέρι!


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