Thursday, March 28, 2013

City gardening

Urban sustainable living
Urban sustainable living
Urban sustainable living
Urban sustainable living

It is high time I showed you my house outdoors that I've been complaining about all the time! For the newcomers, I live in a groundfloor apartment in the center of the city of Heraklion and I have no terrace, patio, backyard, balcony or a decent outdoor space whatsoever to spend some time in (and that is a real torture considering the ample sun light and the warm weather 300 days a year we have in Crete). There are also no plants or trees on the street that I live in which makes things even harder and uglier. 

So, I decided to stop being grumpy and just do something about it. With a help of my mom (thanks, mom, you're the best gardener ever!) I put two big concrete planters on the narrow sidewalk in front of the house and a few smaller ones on my two window sills. You can see in the shots above my very young and blossomless bougainvillea in the far left side and the springfire shrub next to the door (which lost its leaves due to some kind of shock but I hope it will get well soon). I also put a basil and a mint, a geranium, two wild asparagus and some other plants I don't know their names.

I can't wait for my loves to grow big and strong and my bougainvillea to bloom and frame the window. I still don't have a place to sit and enjoy the sun but it made a big difference to my interiors as they hide the ugly view, create a fresh atmosphere and almost convince me that I live in a pretty place. 
What do you think of them? I hope you like them too ^_^

P.s. See photos of my living room last year and today as well as a glimpse of my home office.

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Images by Eleni Psyllaki for My Paradissi.


  1. Eleni, this is just lovely!
    Thanks for sharing with us and happy Easter!

  2. Yπεροχα τα λουλουδακια σου ευχομαι ναναι παντα ανθισμενα !!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Wow, good job!
    At least you will see the green when you keep the window open and you will enjoy your garden whenever you enter and exit your house ;-)

  4. Beautiful, Eleni! Love the plants and flowers on the front. So inviting and oh so Greek...miss it!

  5. love the plants everywhere!!I have one in my office but is too small!!!
    haooy weekend Eleni!

  6. What a nice idea, Eleni! From here we can feel the vigor and beauty of your plants. I am happy to recognize some of them, even though I live so far from Greece! (Fortaleza, Brazil) I'm sure that anyone who goes by the street also thank the green touch. I hope your bouganvillea flourish soon. After seeing so many beautiful bouganvilleas in My Paradise, I'm thinking of planting one here at home too...Xoxo!

  7. Now you are talking lady! I love this bright view of your house. Such a great reminder that you can always do what you like, no matter your circumstances.Love it! Happy Spring :)


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