Tuesday, February 12, 2013

If I am to describe Lakeland, an english kitchenware and houseware shop dating back in the 60ies, I'd say that it mostly resembles to an elegant lady, organized and precise yet delicate and very classy. How does this description fits for such a shop? Well, a perfect lady oughts to cook in the most exquisite pots and pans, show off her creations in the most beautiful serveware and even do her house chores with stylish and practical equipment.

And, here is a great idea: If you are wondering what you could take up as a new hobby, then baking and designing cakes is definitely worth thinking about. It is something which is becoming increasingly popular and there are some reasons for giving it a try.
What better example than spending fun and quality time with a friend or your partner. Finding a hobby you both enjoy is one of the best ways of doing it. Baking cakes is fun to do with someone else and the best part is that afterward you get to sit down and enjoy the results together. It might not be the ideal hobby for everyone but if both of you want to give it a try then it is something which could bring you a lot of pleasure in the future.
Of course, if you aren’t especially practical in the kitchen then you might not know how to get started. The good news is that you can simply buy pre-made sponge cakes and then set about decorating them. If you enjoy this you can then move on and look at ready mixes which are pretty easy to turn into cakes.

Now that I'm thinking of all this food and dessert preparation, it is a great opportunity to lay hands on the food processor I've been wanting for ages for my heathly smoothies and my favorite banana milkshake. I'll have to choose between a slim and practical stick blender or sturdy, classic blender to place on my countertop, which is far from an easy decision to make. Geez, there are so many to pick from!

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