Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Folder: Bathroom

How impressive is this wet room, with the black and white contrasting mosaic tiles on the walls and the floor and the unpolished wooden accents? I love the idea that you can write a feel good quote on the wall, just to get you motivated while taking your morning shower!

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Image by Esther Hershcovich via Houzz.


  1. Love the idea of "writing with tiles". I'm sourcing ideas for our new bathroom and I've been digging these little glass tiles for so long. But tadelakt and huge tiles are pretty too...

    1. Yes, tadelakt is brilliant but I somehow got tired of seeing it everywhere, so here is something different for a change!

  2. I love that there's a ladder in there.

    But I do enjoy having a quote there to get you motivated.

    Mostly Lisa

  3. great idea! I have made some wet rooms for my clients(specially english and French clients), but none like this one! Very original!!!

    1. Now you know what to do with the next bathroom project ;)


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