Friday, February 1, 2013

DIY: Miniature garden

I love miniature worlds (hmm, I've already said that before)! They're such a whimsical toy for grown ups, to care for them, expand them, play them around or just look at them. I was so happy to happen upon this tutorial on crafttuts+ by Rebecca on how to make your own little Hobbiton garden (yeap, I'm a loyal LOTR fan as well).


  1. I have a soft spot for miniature worlds, too. For example, I keep collecting the little figurines I got out of the French 'Galette de Rois' because they are so cute. Kalo sabbatokyriako, Eleni!!

  2. This is very creative of you. I'd like to try making this one over the weekend.

  3. This is so beautiful! Off to see the tutorial now.


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