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Saturday, January 5, 2013

Do you know what is the most difficult part of the holiday? Especially if you're having a great one?
I do not, by any means, want to sound grumpy, after all I indeed had a most enjoyable and relaxing Christmas time but time passes by and joyful days come to an end sooner or later. And then, getting back on everyday schedule, catching up with all those todos and waking up early in the morning seems to be like the highest mountain to climb. 

Which is not, thank God, and it only takes a few days to get back on track and let all this holiday essence be an inspiration and a motivation for the days to come. It feels so important for oneself to be able to have a job on the things he likes/enjoys/relishes for, apart from having fun while working, the return to the everyday programs is a bit easier. 

There won't be any new year's resolutions at My Paradissi (apart from, perhaps, cutting down on my stress levels this year) but a deep and dear wish for everyone to find their bright star on the sky to lighten up their path. Happy new year, my friends! xoxo

I so want this navy blue glider.

The most feel-good carol singing of this Christmas.

Clever arch history of the Christmas tree.

These persimmon oatmeal cookies look divine.

This rug is on top of my home shopping list..

..and this one as soon as I have a family.

Love Chloé's  3d paper illustrations.

A deer with a bow? On a tea towel?

A minimalistic wooden chandelier.

My Paradissi in 2012- A year in review.

Happy 2013- Wishes for a new year.

Casa de San Martin- A post holiday getaway.

That's a fine warming start- Cozy interiors to start off a new year.

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2 comments on "Inspire the weekend"
  1. Thank you so much for choosing my deer with a bow tea towel ! Your selection is just perfect ! I love it ! Now I have to try the oatmeal cookies !

    1. My pleasure Julie =) You know, I love your creations!
      P.s Good luck with the cookies!