Monday, January 28, 2013

House in Serifos, Greece

Today's house tour takes us to one of Cyclades' most beautiful islands, Serifos. There, architect George Zafiriou has built a unique abode with the help of talented designer Manolis Pandelidakis. The house blends perfectly well with the rocky environment, the harsh and natural tones contradicting with the fresh blues of the sea.
The materials used are stone, concrete and wood on natural tones expanding from ecru and ivory to grey and black. The texture of the linens and the reclaimed woods add texture to the sleek stucco surfaces of the floors and the built in furniture while the different levels of the rooms and the small openings framing the views create a depth and fluidity to the interior.
I have to admit that this house get really close to my dream home. I love the neutral and easy-going theme and I just adore those smart details, like the chalkboard behind the sink, the built in bed and sink formation and the bathroom. Oh, that bathroom!

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Images via vima deco.


  1. Just what I love !! Thank's !

  2. PARFAITE.. Merci Eleni you made my day there ;)
    L A U

  3. Υπέροχο !!Ένα εξοχικό σαν αυτό θέλω.
    καλή σου εβδομάδα Ελένη

    1. Ευχομαι να αποκτίσεις ένα, να έρχομαι να πίνουμε καφεδάκι ;)

  4. How lovely! Just bumped into your blog!
    I am also Greek (well of Greek heritage - I do speak it :) ) but am born in 'brrrrrrr' Montreal Canada.

    Am following you :)
    And guess what I'm Eleni too!

    Elena from

    1. Hi Elena!
      Nice to meet you =)
      Xairetismata apo thn Ellada! xoxo

  5. gorgeous beautifullllll
    perfection !!!

  6. my dream home :)

  7. this is beautiful i love this so much love from a greek to a greek xxx

  8. This is such a nice house as well as architect George Zafiriou has built a really unique abode. I must appreciate his/her architecture ideology.There is so cute puppy which sited in front of brown sofa set. I can say this house is awesome and everyone can dream to live in this kind of house.

  9. Very nice, i like brown interiors , the color is natural and bring me peace

  10. Η Σεριφος είνια ένα απο τα αγαπημένα μου νησιά... θα θελα να περνουσε ολο το καλοκαίρ μου σ ενα τετοιο σπιτι ;)


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