Casa de San Martin

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

We're proudly on the second day of 2013 and I am, unavoidably, trying to get back on schedule right on time. I have to admit that I've been an awfully lazy girl this holidays, with long (long) hours of sleep, pamperings, chit-chattings and other blissful doing-nothings. This has probably been the best gift I could give to myself, as I was in a desperate need of a few good days of shutting down from everyday life. To make things even harder, I have this amazing hotel on the tops of Spain, which seems just perfect to prolong the holidays for a tiny bit more.
Casa de San Martin is a centuries old restored stone building located in the most amazing rural environment on the spanish mountains. It is cozy, warm, inviting and with a hideout, sanctuary atmosphere I really can't say no to. I mean, oh yes, I'd love to spend hours in front of this enormous open fireplace, on the soft bed just looking at the view outside the windows or strolling into the invigorating nature that surrounds the building.

P.s. Another beautiful getaway in Spain and one in Italy.

Images via Casa de San Martin. Found via pufik.
4 comments on "Casa de San Martin"
  1. Φανταστικό! Κοίτα να δείς όμως τώρα τι κάνεις...θέλω να πάω εκεί οπωσδήποτε! (μόλις το είπα στον άντρα μου κι αυτός απλά συνέχισε να κοιτάζει tv!) Αχ τι μου κάνεις εν μέσω κρίσης!

  2. Λατρεύω το στύλ του!Η αυλή και το τζάκι μαγευτικά!

  3. I wish I would know the Greek language :)