Monday, January 14, 2013

Apartment in Bromma, Sweden

I'm sure I'll never get over the scandinavian simplicity. The one that yells 'come and have a great time with me' simplicity, not the 'don't touch, don't even dare to add a new item to my decor' one (I'll leave that one to the minimalists). So, obviously, I couldn't skip this apartment. I love the neutral canvas, the playful textiles, the delicate touch of plants in the place (I so love the olive tree in the tin pot), the sleek cabinetry and the way everything seems to be organized and in place. Not in a strict way, however, more like in a tidy mommy way. 
What do you make of this place? I'd love to know!

P.s. Enjoy more scandinavian decoration here.

Images via folkhem.


  1. I love Scandinavia Decoration!!! All Scandinavian countries have great Interior design, love the minimalistic lines!
    loved the detail of the Olive tree in the Living Room and Bedroom!!!!
    Filia pola Eleni kai kali evdomad!

    1. Akrivws auto ennow =)
      Mou fainetai tha to iothetisw auto me thn elia. Pou ksereis, mporei na vgaloume kai ligo akoma ladaki- dyskoloi kairoi Vanda mou!!!
      Filakia polla!

  2. Well, you asked and I have to say that I do love that home! There are so many things that I would pick to my own home, too. That cute rug, olive tree, shelf with every detail in it and that light palette of colours! Lovely. :)

    xxx Peeta from

  3. To be honest, I am bored of this "whole white simplicity" thing. I cannot tell one house from another anymore. :) (Olive tree gives a nice fresh mediterranean touch though.

    1. There is an overabundance of that type of decor over the net, that's for sure Maria, but I feel that there are some places (like this one) that really do make a difference! xoxo

  4. ki emena m aresei poly! eidika to saloni.. to xali + ta maksilaria...ta thelw! ;)

  5. It is indeed a beautiful home, very minimalist but there's a homey feel in it. Plus, I'm sure movers didn't have a hard time getting their stuffs there.

  6. All very understated and Scandinavian - absolutely love it!


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