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Friday, August 31, 2012
Cute white metallic beds and a vintage rocking horse in a romantic cottage style bedroom..

Image via kocham wies.

DIY: Pebble tablecloth weights

Pebble tablecloth weights diy
I always admire some good, practical and easy DIY ideas, so, these pebble tablecloth weights are exactly my cup of tea. Especially after a week camping by the sea and collecting a bunch of beautiful little stones, yearning to be used. There will definitely be some more days enjoying the good weather outdoors, so I'd better get started!

Images and tutorial via craft and creativity.

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Thursday, August 30, 2012

What a colorful outdoor nook! Love it!

Image by Chris Barrett Design.

Falling leaves

Falling leaves interior design shopping inspiration

Print (various sizes - Minted)
I Felt Photogenic Camera Case ($19.99 - ModCloth)
Clock  (*similar: $58.99 - Hayneedle)
City pendant ($69.00 - Schoolhouse Electric)
Teapot (*love this one: $160 - Dipper Vintage)
Fabric By The Yard: Signature Pearl ($124.00 per yard - my two designers)
Trestle table ($239.99 - Target)
Knit Basket Large Charcoal ($164.00 - belle&june)
Eames plastic chair (*similar: $119.00 - Amazon)
Rug ($265.95 - bellacor)

*This is an updated post. 

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Wednesday, August 29, 2012
Fine art print by Ambrette via society6.

Bare stone walls in the bathroom

Bare stone walls in the bathroom
Bare stone walls in the bathroom
Bare stone walls in the bathroom
Bare stone walls in the bathroom
Bare stone walls in the bathroom
Bare stone walls in the bathroom

What do you think of some rustic harshness in your bathroom? 
Bare stone walls work just fine with sleek concrete surfaces, creating a space that radiates an organic uniqueness I simply can't say no. Actually, it is the use of both antiquated and modern techniques that makes this style so appealing, and, taking it from photo no 3, adding a vintage piece like the large gilded mirror, a log and a few wicker baskets, or, like photo no 4, a stark, frameless mirror and inox fixtures, you can fine tune the atmosphere from total country chic to contemporary elegance.
So, is bare stone something you'd opt for?

P.s. A more subtle use of stone in the bathroom and some more bare stone walls inspiration.

Image credits:
1.Nuevo Estilo, 2.micasa, 3.Solange van Dorssen via Desire to Inspire, 4.NY Times, 5.planete deco, & deco

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Tuesday, August 28, 2012
Impressive carved like steps in sleek dark tones..

Image by Jordi Canosa.

Hello Violeta

I love Violeta's creations for their vintage flair and their delicate feminine attitude. Check her etsy shop here.

clutch purse ($22.00)
wedding garland ($29.00)

Feel Good Photo 120827

Monday, August 27, 2012

Feel the romance?

Image by Joao Canziani.

Casa La Siesta

Casa La Siesta Rural Luxury Boutique Hotel in Spain
Casa La Siesta Rural Luxury Boutique Hotel in Spain
Casa La Siesta Rural Luxury Boutique Hotel in Spain
Casa La Siesta Rural Luxury Boutique Hotel in Spain
Casa La Siesta Rural Luxury Boutique Hotel in Spain
Casa La Siesta Rural Luxury Boutique Hotel in Spain
Casa La Siesta Rural Luxury Boutique Hotel in Spain

I have to admit that I was drawn by the name of this hotel to actually check it online. And, thankfully, I proved to be right. Casa La Siesta iconis a rural luxury boutique hotel in Andalusia, Spain. And, this little heaven on earth seems to offer was it stands for, that is peace and rest in a luxurious dress to its visitors. I can easily picture myself doing as this kitty does so well on that chair. Well, I'd probably use the swinging one it the fist shot, however, as it looks way more comfortable plus it has a great view!
I can mumble forever about how much I adore the spanish country style elegance but I just leave you to enjoy the photos and I strongly encourage you to book a room icon to relish a few cool autumn afternoons with your love.

P.s. Anothe Andalusian gem and an impressive mediterranean style hotel in Italy.

Sunday bliss

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Bonnie Forkner, apart from having a rather inspirational blog, is also keeping a beautiful home in California (an old renovated barn among fields and vineyards- oh, such a luck!). I'm sharing with you their wisteria shaded patio as a perfect Sunday spot (I'm picking that hammock at the front of the photo!), but be sure to check out the whole place here!

Images via Bonnie's flickr.

Weekend ambience

Saturday, August 25, 2012

When in need of a sanctuary, this well hidden, modern attitude abode seems like the perfect spot to retrieve powers.
What are your plans for this weekend? xoxo

Design by architect Ray Kappe. Photos by Joao Canziani. Found via Designrulz.

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Friday, August 24, 2012

Please leave a comment if you are as smitten as I am by that isle!

Image by Ashley Capp.

Summer house by the sea

I'm still not over abodes that smell of salty breeze and hot shady afternoons (although August is coming into an end soon and I kind of miss a cool cloudy sky). So, with the weekend just around the corner, I'm visually flying over to South Africa and this chill spot, with the rough woods and the ample use of straws, the whites and the concretes, and the breathtaking view of the ocean.
The plan is as follows; swim at the ocean, shower right outside the house to get rid of all the sand and have a big slice of cool watermelon at the dining table under the pergola right after! Coming with me?

P.s. Love this house by the sea as well!

Images via marie claire maison.

Feel Good Photo 120823

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Exotic luxury and a room with a view..

Image via Song Saa Private Island.

Mountain pools

Come with me for a fresh morning dive into one of these pools, well-hidden high on the mountains.
Oh, I so need this cool water now.. do you?

P.s. More inviting pools here and there!

Image credits:
1.Haute Design, 2.Aubrey road

All-white with a twist

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Check out this kitchen detail; 
white tiles unexpectedly mixed up with bold pink patterned ones to create a unique, boho result (and to ease the all-white harshness) . These cute floral tiles are used both to fill a niche in the wall and a large spot on the concrete countertop to use as a table. Of course, I could't ignore the red leather seatings forming the background, adding the finishing touch to the scene. 
Isn't it brilliant?

P.s. Totally interesting kitchen tiles here, here and there.

Images via Expressen (found via poppytalk).

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Tuesday, August 21, 2012
Sleek and tranquil; I have a feeling that this is the kind of bathroom that eases the soul..

Image via.

Keep swinging

I see no point to stop swaying carelessly above ground now that my vacation is over. Especially, when doing so in style, e.g. in that amazing egg wicker chair icon(that is now on sale =).

P.s. A few more swinging chairs I find interesting.

My week off

Monday, August 20, 2012

Here's a glimpse to the week that went by a bit too quickly (my vacation week, to be specific) as I promised. 
It consisted of mainly two things; a short but deeply enjoyed visit at my father's village down south and some reckless days by the sea, on this exact hammock. The first three photos are from our house in the village, which I can only describe as my ideal place to live (if only it was a bit closer to the city), the next two I took during my afternoon stroll at the village, whereas the sea/shore snapshots are from Rodakino beach, a wild (at heart) yet pure and powerful spot in southern Rethymno. 
These places I tend to visit more and more often as years pass by, as I find them to be totally comforting and relaxing. Having nothing to do but enjoy the scenery, swim, read, knit and drink refreshing beers at the tavern is actually the best way to recharge my batteries for, what it seems, a troubling year ahead!
Oh, I'm soon to post a few shots I took from Paradissi as well =)

P.s. Some of my Cretan adventures here and there

Images by me.