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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Love the pillows, love the colorful string light bulbs, love the bricks/plank bench, love the easy breezy atmosphere (and, of course, the promising view of the sea at the back!)

Image by Lisa Cohen via dustjacket attic.


This weekend we headed west, to Chania, for a dearest friend was baptizing her little girl. And, as you can tell, we took advantage of the situation and spent a couple of days relaxing, sunbathing and meeting up with people. We came back late last night and, today, Tuesday seems like a dreary Monday. I couldn't leave you uninformed though, right? Here are a few glimpses of the weekend, more to follow at my facebook page (come and see =).

Images by me.

A cottage of tranquillity

Monday, July 30, 2012

I love the silence of this cottage. Feels like a warm, lazy Sunday afternoon, with no worries, no plans and no deadlines whatsoever. What if it is Monday already..

Images by Sharyn Cairns via Homelife.

Sunday bliss

Sunday, July 29, 2012
I hope you don't mind but, while you're reading this post, I'm most probably swimming into these waters!
Hope you're having a beautiful Sunday! xoxo

Image by me.

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Saturday, July 28, 2012

No need to explain this..

Image via Franciscas Vakre Verden.

Nautical inspired bathroom

Nautical style is cool! I know I sound like a 15 year old enthusiast, but please tell me, who would say no to a summer house bathroom with a brass porthole window, a brass showerhead attached to the ceiling, vintage black sinks with brass faucets, metallic lockers, tin buckets, tin stools and black floors? Oh, and stripe towels to complete the look, of course!

P.s. I also love this nautical inspired bathroom and I'm quite possitive these would look brilliant in this hut by the shore.

Images by Alec Hemer via House Beautiful.

Owl bath mat

Friday, July 27, 2012
Hello to you, you cute little Owl Clean Bath Mat!

Blue and white finesse

If had to pick one color combination to describe as fresh and revitalizing, then I'd definitely chose the blue/white one. It feels like a breeze of fresh air, like water drops cooling down a heated body or even like the stimulating, strong yet delicate taste of spearmint. And there are so many ways to adopt this combination indoors (apart from the stark aegean aesthetics- which I can't but adore!). I've picked up a few rather elegant pics today, with chic dinnerware, cozy pillows, charming textiles, a mixture of blue florals, gingham and stripes, perfect for a summer refined atmosphere. 

P.s. Blue&white coastal inspiration and one more breathtaking cycladic spot.
You can always get more inspiration at my blues pinterest board!

Image credits:
1.Tim Street-Porter via Country Living, 2.via (can't track dow the original source..), 3.Alessandro Guerani, 4.pale and interesting, 5.vtwonen, 6.traditional dinner plates, 7.designspirationsk

Feel Good Photo 120726

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Check this view. Feel the cool sea breeze. Sense the silence and the energy...

Image of Kenoa Beach Resort and Spa via Yatzer.

Hotel Son Bernadinet, Mallorca

Traveling 'round Crete should be enough by itself but daydreaming about beautiful hotels around the world seems like an unavoidable necessity to feed the soul (we went to Morocco, Mexico and Naxos these past few days!). Today we're in Mallorca and the charming rural Hotel Son Bernadinet
I have a thing for the sleek country elegance that is most perfectly described in the above shots. The natural materials, the  earthly hues, the soft crisp linens, the comfortable interiors and the shady, sun protected outdoors. Love the terracotta floors and the thick white bougainvillea pergola. Have you checked the vaulted brick ceiling? Isn't it a piece of art?
So, are you with me for a few days of chilling at Son Bernadinet?

Images via El Mueble.

Stripe shower curtain

Wednesday, July 25, 2012
What do you think of these stripe shower curtains? I find they look really cool in a cottage style bathroom (I'm totally into mixing b&w stripes with more rustic environments after falling in love with this). 
I'm picking this Rugby Stripe Shower Curtain from PB Teens and this feather gray one from West Elm.

P.s. Some stripes in the bedroom as well..

A blissful celebration

Celebrating my birthday has been such a treat this year! 
I decided to present myself with a careless day away from the office and explore some Cretan beauties with my man. We started by spending a few good hours by the beach under the umbrella, in the clear, calm sea of Malia, snorkeling and taking pictures. 
Then, headed up into the mountains to village of Krasi to have a delicious lunch under the ancient plane tree (it is said that it is more than 1000 years old! Imagine the energy underneath..). Straight after that, we had a revitalizing greek coffee and kataifi with ice cream as a dessert. It was so soothing to spend hours in the shady square of Krasi, quite a contradiction to the hot, burning sand of the beach!
We left the place as soon as the sun started to lower on the sky. Heading back to Heraklion meant driving towards west and that guaranties an amazing view of a setting sun, if you get the time right. Well, we got the time just perfect and on the way home we stopped at the side of the road, right over the sea, to relish the sun diving behind the mountains, the pinky orange hues and the cool afternoon breeze. Boy, it was really awesome!
Actually, the whole day has been a bliss. Recharged batteries, got a bit more tanned, added a few extra calories in my body and a great smile on my face. Mission accomplished ;)

Images by me. You can see more here.

Birthday girl

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Today is my birthday so I took the day off and had a beautiful soul filling trip with my man. This sunset was the just closure to this magnificent day; I promise I'll show you some more shots soon ;)

Image by me.

Dar Kawa, Marrakech

Monday, July 23, 2012

Visual travel to Morocco (once again) and to Dar Kawa house in Marrakech. Designed by talented Valérie Barkowski, this gem captures the heart of the moroccan essence in an astounding way. Taken with a fresh, modern twist, whilst keeping the traditional forms and tones, the atmosphere in what it seems to be a personal, sur mesure palace, awakens the exotic instincts of the long gone dessert princesses and the wild, curious nature of the spirited world explorers. 
It would be just a plain repetition of myself to express my love of the sleek stucco walls and built in furniture,  the ornamental metallic window balusters and the impressive shadows they create playing with the harsh sun. But I cannot ignore the delicate touches in the form of linens patterns and the art displayed on the walls that complete the contemporary look of the house.

Images via Valérie Barkowski. Found via desire to inspire.

Natural textures

Hello Monday, hello my friends! 
I'm welcoming you to the new week with a glimpse of earthly hues, natural tones and serene whites; the stripy pillow, the log-like coffee tables and the ceiling high curtains.
I'd like to invite you to join us over at facebook, twitter and pinterest, just in case you haven't already!
Oh, and stay tuned; an exotic beauty is on its way ;)

Image by Nicolas Matheus via aesthetically thinking.

Greige on sale

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Greige has been one of the very first blogs that I ever followed and when Christina opened her shop I knew I was going to spend hours drooling over the products she curated. So, now that she's having a huge sale at One Kings Lane, I know I can't miss it. You can't miss it either. Go there and find out why!

The above items are my picks from Greige's sale at One Kings Lane.

Sunday bliss

Green scenery, grass and ivy, morning misty leaves and breezy sheer linens, swinging under the shadow of the trees and daydreaming of children's fairies and magic pots, oh, what a calm, blissful Sunday it is!

Image credits:
1.Bernard Touillon for Coté Sud via Haute Design, 2. Espen Grønli via Klikk, 3.Stacey Van Berkel

Imanta Resorts in Mexico

Saturday, July 21, 2012

I would, in other words, love to hide under the palm trees and feel the exotic breeze of the Riviera Nayarit in Mexico and Imanta Resorts Punta De Mita seems to be the right place to do that! Since, due to cost and time restrictions, this is not an option (sad), I leave it to your eyes and imagination and invite you to have a cool margarita by the pool, shall we?
Those of you who would like to drink the margarita on site, you can make your reservations here icon.

Images via Imanta Resorts.

Red rough rock

This raw beauty, where even nature preferred a more rigorous tactic, is where I'd love to spend this weekend at. However, despite the heat, I'm locking myself inside to catch up with the deadlines (...) and I'll be leaving sea and traveling for the next one ahead.
How is your weekend? Any juicy plans? xoxo

Image by B.


Friday, July 20, 2012

"I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that wont work"- Thomas A. Edison

Image by me.


Let's end this week with some pastels, whites and subtle hues. The ever praised luxury of fresh, crisp linens, the blissful sanctuary of the soft bed after a long, exhausting day and the fluffy, intriguing dreams that get you out of it again soon after.
So, do you have any plans for the coming weekend?

P.s. Come and join us at facebook, twitter and pinterest! More things going on there, as usual!

Image credits:
1.Llamas Valley, 2.Jeroen van der Spek, 3.mokkasin, 4.the linen works

Bluff City Lights

I'm smitten by this pop interpretation of the classic cage light designed by Jonah Takagi. I find it would work wonders in a kitchen or even in a kids room. And for the not-that-colorful types, there is the natural color combination as well.

You can find the 14" one here icon and the 8" one here.

Feel Good Photo 120719

Thursday, July 19, 2012
Ready to dive in..

Image by Salva López.


I'm in love with the idea of these chain cushions by BALlab. They are pretty large to curl up on the floor or hug on the bed. And, of course, their simple, scandinavian oriented, patterns rock!

Images via BALlab.

A touch of red

Using red wisely does brighten things up, don't you think? The idea of a red Simpsons art display over the home office put a smile on my face and I felt head over heels for this red bamboo chair beauty with the zebra pattern cushion. For the bold ones, a red wall can create an pretty intriguing atmosphere and for those who prefer a more cozy look, you can opt for these two nooks.
So, are you a red fan?

P.s. You can find more red inspiration at my red pinterest board.

Image credits:

Feel Good Photo 120718

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

That's a smart alternative to a hammock, right?

Image by Jeroen van der Spek.