Rattan bliss

Thursday, May 31, 2012

I'm visualizing my dream patio and, so far, anything rattan related blinks to me. I'm smitten by this hanging chair ($450.00), which I'm sure, I'd be only too unwilling to get off of it as soon as I hang it and this coffee table ($245.00) to place my frozen lemonade while I spend lazy hours on that chair.

You will find both items at Serena & Lily.

Warm hues of simplicity

Shady browns and leather, autumn hues on the last day of spring, with a laid back attitude, and a cunning desire to have some sunrays stroke my face, making my vision just a bit too bright to handle.

Image credits:
1.Nuevo Estilo via Planete Deco, 2.Abaton


Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Some inspiration to keep things going..


I'm smitten by the delicate and easy-going styling of Mokkasin shop. It's one of these that makes you feel like creating a beautiful surrounding is as easy as a piece of cake. You have got to visit their blog as well for extra inspiration!

Images-products here: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6

Sunset hues

It would be such a great idea to head towards a quiet spot into the park and enjoy some late afternoon picnic with just the basics and the setting sun..

drink bucket (on sale $19.99 - West Elm)
bamboo sporks ($10.00 - Mignon)
wool throw ($70.00 - mexchic on Etsy)

Image by me.

Novica giveaway

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

I have to admit that ethnic style always keeps a dear spot in my heart and when Novica approached My Paradissi, I was already aware of the unique and amazing quality and quantity of their products! Novica, in association with National Geographic, brings forward talented craftsmen and artist all around the world by giving them the opportunity to sell their products in a fair trade kind of way. Isn't that cool or what?

The great news is that Novica is giving away a $100 gift certificate to one lucky reader to spend on the shop! All you have to do is visit Novica and come back here to leave a comment.

For extra entries you can:
1. Follow My Paradissi via GFC (and leave an extra comment that you did so) and/or
2. Follow My Paradissi on facebook and/or twitter  (and leave an extra comment that you did so) and/or
3. Mention about this giveaway on twitter/facebook (and, guess, leave an extra comment that you did so).

The winner will be picked up next Wednesday June 6th*. Good luck!

P.s. Although My Paradissi is decor orientated, I would recommend you to have a look on their alpaca shawls and women's accessories from Indonesia.

*This giveaway is limited to US and Canada residents only (sorry..) and is due until Tuesday June 5th. One winner will be chosen by Random.org on Wednesday June 6th and will be notified via email. If you don't own a blog or a google account, please be sure to leave your email with the comment so I can reach you.

You can find the above products here: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6

Finding Paradise: My black book

Today's glimpse of paradise comes from Brit of my black book.

To Brit, Paradise

feels like: a breath of bliss that makes me feeling lighthearted and fills my soul with delight.

looks like: a local farmer's market with its seasonal color palette of yummy produce and food, a beautiful fall scenery with pumpkins in the soft golden late summer sun, a roofed wicker beach chair on a lonely white sandy beach just for me.

smells like: a fresh cutted summer meadow after the rain, freshly brewed coffee.

tastes like: a warm cinnamon bun on a cozy white winter morning, some wine & cheese simply the French way.

sounds like: rain falling on the roof top of my lonely dream beach cabin, leaves rustling in the warm summer breeze while taking a nap in a hammock.

Thanks Brit! Your paradise seems such a wonderful place to be!

P.s You can find more paradises here:

Image credits:

Feel Good Photo 120528

Monday, May 28, 2012
Wingback tufted headboard

Love the ambience of this bedroom. I bet it is as soothing as it looks in real life..

Update: You can buy a wingback tufted headboard from Wayfair or this amazing Benchmade tufted bed from Layla Grayce.

Image by Joseph Keller via twelve chairs boston.

Vibrant hays

I was drifted away by the golden strokes the sunsetting sun was creating on these hays.. We had a beautifully, peaceful stroll in the city yesterday =)
You can check more photos in my flickr if you like!

Images by me.

Fresh and bright

Something fresh to start off this new week. Somehow, sleep doesn't feel enough these last few days *yawn* and this inviting sofa is just calling my name. Look all this stripy pillows, aren't they a total bliss altogether? Also a fan of the textured rug (gives so much character to the room, don't you think?) and the amazing blue shutters right above (in love with blue shutters lately..)
So, enjoy the new week everybody! xoxo

P.s. Big giveaway is on its way. Stay tuned!

Image credits:
1.Prue Ruscoe, 2.micasa revista

Sunday bliss

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Moments of silence and beauty, soft cottons and golden sparkles..

Image credits:
1.Anthony Lanneretonne, 2.Carolyn Cochrane

Feel Good Photo 120526

Saturday, May 26, 2012

I can so feel the sea breeze on my skin right now..

Image via Ego Paris (found via Elle Decor España)

Sunny pastels

Have you ever noticed how the harsh summer sun takes a little of the color vibrance away and makes everything look washed out and bright? Pastel shades seem to complement that attitude quite a bit, with all the whites and sandy shades mixing with seafoam blues and minty greens only too beautifully. I love them when used indoors, like the bedroom above or the amazing blue/white cement tiles below, and, most definitely, as a vernacular aegean exterior, accompanied by the stark simplicity of the forms.

Image credits:
1.Mark Roskams, Masseria: The Italian Farmhouses of Puglia, Rizzoli New York, 2011, via design*sponge, 2.Jose Villa via once wed, 3.mosaic del sur via covet living, 4.Louisa Nikolaidou

Feel Good Photo 120525

Friday, May 25, 2012

Can I have my coffee there tomorrow morning? I bet I'll be starring at the amazing tile floor all along!

Image of La forge d' Hauterives by Anthony Lanneretonne for Cote Sud/Est/Ouest

Blues and grays

I'm a fan of sleek concrete finishes. I'm also a fan of the deep, powerful blues. I'm a huge fan when it comes to combining both, for the fresh, clean cut and elegant atmosphere they create. Like playing it rich and classy with easy to manipulate, everyday aspects. Definitely a must have combination in my dream home!

Image credits:
1.double g, 2.in de aap, 3.Vincente Wolf for Elle Decor, 4.Ashley Goldberg

The Hive wonder

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Spending this last weekend on a blog concerned conference has to be a big dream of mine coming true (or, something that two years ago I wouldn't even dare dreaming of). It was an excessive (and highly influential) give and take of ideas, inspirations, passions, smiles and cards!
Can't be thankful enough to have met MarikaThea and Toni, Gabrielle, Heidi, Teresa, Anne, Oum, Saskia, Angelika, Jeanette, SibylleLindsay amongst all the beautiful crowd. And, of course, the three ladies that made this conference possible Radostina, Yvonne and Peggy, thank you ladies for this! THANK YOU!!
We lived in a comfortable little flat provided by 9flats (totally recommended for you, travelers), we talked at wonderful betahaus and partied at stylish Cosmo Hotel.
For those not attended, you can get a sneak peek of what was all about in The Hive's flickr, facebook and twitter page (use #hive12 to get along). 
My speech was on Sunday morning and had to do with quality posting (actual title: How to curate inspiring images to a quality post with a personal touch- you can check it here).
So, let's all meet again in #hive13, shall we?

Images by me.


Can't resist some earthly tones interiors today. Those of rough, natural materials (yes, coffee table in the image above, I'm talking to you..), with the amble use of stone and cement on walls and a great mixture of rustic atmosphere and modern elegance. 

Image credits:

Back from Berlin

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

It's only a few hours that I'm back home in Heraklion after my trip to Berlin. Oh, such a wonderful experience it's been.. Berlin, you are a beautiful city, my dear; full of energy and vibrance, a mix of cultures and attitudes on a wide, green canvas where you shamelessly lay bare all your cards. I have to admit, a handful of days is only too little to absorb your essence but I hope I just got a hint. 
And, of course the excuse to visit Berlin, The Hive Conference, still buzzes in my ears, all the photos and the cards of all the wonderful people I've met, joined together for the prompting occasion of blogging. I'm soon to post more about it, stay tuned for that ;)
Off to unpack, guys.. see you tomorrow! xoxo

Images by me.

I am the cake

Tuesday, May 22, 2012
Tastefully candied typework by Piotr Buczkowski of Heroes Design.

Found via jelanie.

Roof garden spectacular

Monday, May 21, 2012

Just look at this extraordinary roof garden in NY! It's like a hidden garden, way high above ground, with an amazing view right on the heart of the city. How perfect is that?

Images via Sotheby's (found via A cup of Jo)

Sunday bliss

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Ever wonderful nature and a sharp eye to capture its beauty..

Image by John&Fish 新書<飛羽台灣>發表中.

Flowers to refresh

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Freshly magical florals, transformed into illusional creatures by Bozena Rydlewska and cool ice cubes by Martha Stewart. How cool are they?!

P.s. Today you'll find me at The Hive Conference. Along with lots of great bloggers! Hooray =)

Hello Berlin

Friday, May 18, 2012

We're heading to Berlin today to attend to the first European Blog Conference, The Hive, which will take place this weekend at the betahaus. I'd be a terrible lier to tell you I'm not over the top excited and anxious to meet all the amazing bloggers that will be there (speakers and participants) and be a part of all this blog talking.

My speech will be held on Sunday 20th, morning (you can have a look at the analytical schedule here) and it will be about the know how of curating a quality post. It would be so nice to have you around and chit chat about it. I'm sure this topic will arouse interesting questions and is subject to lots of feedback from experienced (or not) bloggers.

And, of course, apart from the conference, we'll get a few days extra to wander our Berlin, do some old-fashioned sightseeing (oh, there's been quite a long time since my last trip abroad..) and have a beer or two!

I'll be back on track on Wednesday 23th. I'm not leaving you uninspired, however, as I have a bunch of posts ready for you to enjoy (I'm not sure if I'll be having a decent internet connection at my room there). More news on the conference and the trip, as soon as possible, promise! xoxo

Image credits:
1.betahaus, 2.Cosmo Hotel, 3.betahaus, 4.djchristus/christian harnisch

Feel Good Photo 120517

Thursday, May 17, 2012
Emerald and gold and pure white lace.. if that is not bliss, I don't know what it is!

Image by Rebecca Hansen via Ruffled.

Maria's abode

I couldn't help by get myself a few snapshots of Maria's home at my resent visit there. I love this girl, I love her style and her attitude, which, despite her being totally irrelevant with the design industry (in fact, she is a doctor), depicts in each and every corner of her house. These are only a few spots I managed to capture but, be sure, there'll be more soon. 

Images by me.

Feel Good Photo 120516

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

I'd love to dive into these deep blue waters in Amalfi Coast. I bet it'd feel extremely good..

Image by Travelive.

Aegean Blues

This month's guest picks at Houzz have to do with Aegean and its blue/white hues. You can tell I'm pretty inspired by the forthcoming summer, right?
Go on, check it out! You'll find loads more inspiration there!

Image credits:
Top image via beautiful life. You can find the products below at my Houzz guest picks.

Finding Paradise: Dustjacket attic

I'd like to welcome an Australian with a sharp, exquisite eye to share with us her vision of paradise.
Debra of dustjacket attic, we're so glad to have you around!

To Debra, paradise

feels like: the warmth of the sun on your skin, the feeling of peace and happiness.

looks like: sparkling blue seas, the countryside in spring, a softly lit cafe on a small side street in Paris.

smells like: the scent of flowers in the garden, freshly baked bread just pulled apart, brewed coffee in the morning.

tastes like: a gorgeous wine, a beautiful platter full of delectable food, a baked cheesecake.

sounds like: the water rippling up against the shore, the birds singing in the trees, the breeze rustling through the leaves.

Thank you, Debra. That was swell!
Footnote: This cheesecake recipe turns out great according to the lady, be sure to check it out ;)

P.s You can find more paradises here:

Image credits (clockwise):

Feel Good Photo 120515

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Amazing tablescapes with an elegant boho atmosphere to die for!

Image by Caroline Tran via Santa Barbara Chic.

Alessandro Guerani

Oh, I'm so happy to come across Alessandro Guerani this morning; and that is for a couple of good reasons! First of all, he is a talented food photographer with loads of his work displayed at his portfolio and blog. And, secondly, he has some amazing, clear-cut user-friendly photography tutorials, one interested in photography simply cannot miss. He even uses diagrammatic sketches to show off his shooting prop and the lighting used at the scene!
Mr. Guerani, you've come to my path exactly at the right time. Thank you for that!

All photos via Alessandro's portfolio.

Feel Good Photo 120514

Monday, May 14, 2012

Having breakfast in this sunlit nook must feel really good..

Image via dreamy whites (found via all that I love)

Simplicity rules

I'm smitten by the mustards and the grays, the natural canvas and the easy-going atmosphere of this place. Actually, it was a pleasant surprise to come across on a Monday morning, if you know what I mean..

Images via Kathryn Tyler.