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Monday, April 30, 2012

Can you hear the silence? Oh, I can..

Image via the style files.

The everydays

Starting this new week with some down-to-earth indoors inspiration, the one that becomes classic for being always present and eager to be used and manipulated, easy to maintain and live in. Effortless design, that is, cause Mondays sometimes are a tricky day to start off (despite the tons of coffee..).
Enjoy the new week, friends! xoxo

P.s. I could be living in this easy-going house today, or pick one of these living rooms to have my third coffee in..

Image credits:
1.Simon Whitmorevia house to home, 2.Anna Kern, 3.Teri Lyn Fisher, 4.Hallie Burton, 5.Jonny Valiant, 6.Sally Campbell's house via the design files

Sunday bliss

Sunday, April 29, 2012
Beam me up Scotty, pronto!

Image by red studio via idaniko spiti.

Feel Good Photo 120428

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Mosquito net, lace and pure white bliss, and all that situated in the middle of the countryside..

Image via Kelly Harmon Designs


So true.. so damn true (or, maybe, I should try some self-hypnosis)

Image by Max Temkin via kickstarter (check it out- there is a video tutorial on how to make such philosophy posters!)

Hanging Ceramic Vase

Friday, April 27, 2012

Wondrous hanging ceramic pot by Michael McDowell. It has that desert/country/rustic/retro/handmade essence I simply can't resist. You can find this one here ($35.00) and a similar one there ($35.00). Also check his other creations, they are really worthy!

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It's a Friday afternoon beer situation. Here. Please?

Image by boris bolelof.

Bathroom love

Just look at this bathroom! Amazing floor, art all around, turquoise vintage cabinetry (and a blue chair!) and a clawfoot bathtub. Masterpiece and spacious and practical already! Congrats Trisha =)

P.s. I love this bathroom as well. And, of course, much more bathroom inspiration here.

Images via Trisha Brink Design.

One eyed dog

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Cool chevron wall hooks by Scarlett of One Eyed Dog on Etsy. Now, really, wouldn't you create space just to hand one of these?

turquoise wall hook ($30.00) / rainbow wall hook ($33.00)

Feel Good Photo 120426

Oh, the blue florals! So fresh and intimidating..

Image via designspiration.

Oz Architect Inc

When I come across a killer portfolio time miraculously stops. Literally. Like this morning, while browsing through dj's dustjacket attic, that I met Oz Architects Inc. Love at first sight man... I've been drooling over each one of their photos ever since. And I mean that maybe I'll pass by the fact that I'm an architect myself and ask these amazing guys to build my dreamplace. Go check their portfolio and be sure that you'll see more of their works around My Paradissi soon!

Images by Werner Segarra via Oz Architects Inc (via dustjacket attic).

Geek pink

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

There are some things that just make my day. Like a good ol' print, a vintage gizmo and, of course, vibrant, colorful plants. And if shaded pink, things get waaay better ;)

Image credits:
1.creyonbonito, 2.wally one ($40.00 - wollypocket), 3.sfgirlbybay, 4.vintage flamingo figurines ($140.00 - Third Shift on Etsy)

Feel Good Photo 120425

I LOVE these blue&white stripes! Totally into summer mood, don't you agree?

Image by James Merrell via house to home.

Green stuff

I was thrilled to stumble upon the above living room this morning. It has to be the soft light, I thought, but then I realized it was something else I was smitten about; the perfect green light that came through the windows had subconsciously stolen my heart. I can't tell what the actual view is but I'm fine already with all this ivy surrounding the windows and the trees right outside that create the most serene and peaceful ambience in the inside. This is the living room I could spend my mornings and my long working hours in, thereby I declare it to be my fave living room of the day!
Well, I could add a few things to make it even better (apart from my lovely mac), like a hanging terrarium or this evergreen print by Laura Plageman.

Image credits:
1.room, 2.terrarium, 3.art

Feel Good Photo 120424

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Well hello, you inviting back yard...

Image by Liza Cohen for country style au via dustjacket attic.

How to work on a spring sunny day

Office design

Tricky question. And with no straight answer. If you are blessed to have a working space surrounded by nature things are definitely easier. Open up the windows to let the sunshine in and go for small strolls every once in a while to breath some extra fresh air.
What happens if you work downtown then? There are a few tricks you can follow to get things going. You can try to
  • add some fresh greens and flowers in your working space. If you're a serial indoor plant killer try a few faux ones (at least you'll be getting the green touches),
  • light a flower scented candle (smells like outdoors pronto ;),
  • music is a mood booster must have. You can opt for background sounds of nature that act subliminally and don't disturb you from working (like birds and water springs) or  something more active like cuban classics (well, not actually sure whether dancing and e-mail answering go well together..),
  • forget coffee and drink a fresh juice in a colored glass (let all the vitamins power up your brain and inspiration),
  • gear up with beautiful and inviting bright stationary (maybe you will like your todo lists after all),
  • dress up your desktop screen with a vibrant, feel good wallpaper or/and use your inspiration board as a summer vacation planner and hang all those amazing love-to-go places (caution: this might cause severe daydreaming- totally inappropriate for tight deadlines).
So, what do you do to get your work done despite the tempting sunshine? 

P.s. For extra inspiration on this matter you can check my latest ideabook on Houzz.

Image credits (clockwise):
1.elsk dit hjem via decor8, 2.Hallie Burton , 3.Digs By Katie, 4.Happy Living

Feel Good Photo 120423

Monday, April 23, 2012

I can almost feel the breeze..

P.s. I realized I haven't posted a Feel Good Photo for more than a year now. And I kind of missed it ;)

Image via dress,design, decor.

Open up: in and out

Large openings and a great view have to be a top design hit throughout the year but, you have to admit that, during this time of year they seem more of necessity than a plain decoration point. When the days become warmer but not that warm to stay outdoors all the time all you have to do is open up and totally expand the borders of your interiors. 
So, let the sunshine in guys and enjoy the new week!

P.s. Speaking of large openings, I'd love to wake up to that bedroom!

Image credits:

Sunday bliss

Sunday, April 22, 2012
The vines above our heads were not ready yet and the view to the pool was missing but I proudly state that we enjoyed a warm, sunny Sunday of similar quality like the above here. It even had a luscious bbq and a neighbor dog to keep us company. Oh, and twofour rosy cheeks, of course!
How was your weekend all 'round the globe friends?

Behind the curtains

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Curtains have the ability to transform any place to a well-protected hideaway, don't you think?

P.s. In love with these bed curtains..

Image credits:
1.Enrique Menossi, 2.Jordi Canosa


Would you like to see my dream place?

Friday, April 20, 2012

If money wasn't an issue I'd definitely opt for this amazing house for sale. It is located in Essaouira in Morocco (geez, I love Morocco!) and seems to be the perfect place for weekend getaways (I repeat, money not an issue) to clear the mind and the soul and fill the lungs with the whimsical smells of the country and the stomach with lots of tajine! Love the, sort of, minimalistic approach of the moroccan aesthetics, the simplicity of the forms and the materials, the concrete floors and, of course, the built in cabinets and bathroom. 
So, until I get rich somehow, let's just drool over the photos..

P.s. More Morocco here, here and here!

Images via Castles in the sand.
Arrows by Ez.

Finding Paradise: The simply luxurious life

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Today, Shannon of The Simply Luxurious Life is sharing with us her glimpse of paradise.

To Shannon, Paradise

feels like: a soft cashmere sweater lightly caressing your skin, a gentle touch from someone who loves and protects you, freshly laundered Egyptian sheets

looks like: a welcoming countryside with spring blossoms bursting with color, a cobbled street with fresh food, cheese and wine begging to be enjoyed, an uncluttered home with ample space for conversation and laughter – oh, and a side table to place my wine glass

smells like: luscious soothing lavender, freshly brewed coffee, a warm apple tart just pulled from the oven

tastes like: a handmade chocolate truffle, crisp, cold water with a hint of lemon, the melding textures and flavors of sliced heirloom tomatoes paired with fresh mozzarella and a sprinkle of julienned basil and salt

sounds like: sweet and steady rain falling atop an umbrella, French music filling the cafe or home as simple every day pleasures are enjoyed, silence

Really, Shannon, you have an amazing way with words! Thank you for your descriptions, they managed to take me away from reality for some moments!

P.s. In case you missed it, check French by design's paradise here.

Image credits:

Essential essance: Lavender

I love the smell of lavender (and its mind and body therapeutic properties!) and I also love these two ways of having it around my place; wrapped up in beautiful sachets for my drawers and canvas bucket to organize my filled with lavender blooms vases in the living room. Aren't they super cuties?

grey stripe sachets ($20.00 - Gardenmis on Etsy)
nautical summer sachets ($27.00 - Gardenmis on Etsy)
canvas bucket ($12.00 - Chewing the cud on Etsy)

Blissful scene

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

I'd like to introduce you to the bed of my dreams (actually, the bed of my sleeps). Black metal with gilded finishes, rich, white curtains around it and a white granny crocheted blanket (over the, what else, crisp white linens). Preferably, situated in a bedroom like the above with the rough, aged white stucco on the walls and the painted light blue roof beams. Oh, and a matching inviting patio to enjoy a luxurious breakfast (after a long, deep and relaxing sleep one has to eat, right?) with a sturdy concrete table and some blue Tolix Marais A chairs, of course.

P.s. I could get my breakfast here as well..

Image credits:

Kitchen love

Hello, you lovely kitchen, with the cottage reminisces, the pure white cabinetry and the white paneled walls, the shabby chic chandelier and the complementing details I'll never get bored looking at (pretty storage you've got there, lady!). Just so you know, you've made my day!

Images via nicety.

Outdoor evenings

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

How nice it is to spend the evenings outdoors, enjoying the longer days and the warmer temperatures. Even listening to the singing birds, right before they go to sleep.. awesome! I love wrapping my feet with a soft blanket (it's not that hot yet!) and light some tea candles to spice up the atmosphere. If I had an xl sofa like the above, be sure I'd host some amazing evening soirées with the girls!

Blanket ($190.00 - hard to find
Votive ($6.50 - Luna Bazaar)

Image by Vitor Penha.

The cottage blues

Blues, not in the metaphorical way of speaking, rather in a cool, refreshing one, transformed into shapes and shades, on walls or on things, like a hazy april morning, lazy to be but not to happen, ready to burst into pure energy after a single drop of water touches the skin..

P.s. A refreshing one as well..

Image credits:

Enjoy the good life

Monday, April 16, 2012

I'm still a bit blown away by all the smells and tastes of these last days, merely keeping my eyes focused on the screen. I guess tomorrow will be a brand new, refreshing day, so I'll see you then my friends! xoxo

Image credits:

Happy Orthodox Easter!

Sunday, April 15, 2012
Happy Easter then! I hope you totally enjoy the day! xoxo

Collage by me.

Sound of silence

Saturday, April 14, 2012
True, right?
Ever inspiring Claire of fellow fellow has beautifully stated the lyrics of Sound of Silence by Simon and Garfunkel.
You should definitely check Claire's shop and blog if you haven't already!

Image via fellow fellow.

Let's get some flowers..

Friday, April 13, 2012

I'm off to the countryside -my mom's village- to spend the orthodox Easter with my family and beloved ones. Hopefully, I'll detox from the internet for a while and enjoy some real-life beauties such as the warm sun, the fresh blooms and all the delightfully lustful season delicacies (have you ever tried eating escargots? They are really yummy!).
See you around my friends! Enjoy your weekend! xoxo

P.s. I'm guest posting over at Helena's blog, A diary of lovely. Drop by to see some more Aegean beauties!

Image credits:
1.amberalexander ($35.00), 2,4.Caroline Barber via Selina Lake, 3.homes and antiques via heart handmade uk, 5.amberalexander ($35.00)

Finding Paradise: French by design

Thursday, April 12, 2012

I'm really glad to introduce you to a new guest post series that is launching at My Paradissi, called Finding Paradise. A bunch of great and beloved fellow bloggers will round up a, sort of, description of what an earthly paradise means to them. I'm so eager to find out, aren't you?

First one to share with us her view is sweet Si of French by design.

According to Si, Paradise

feels like: your skin after a hot bubble bath or a sunbathing afternoon

looks like: turquoise blue waters and white beach sand

smells like: orange blossoms or honeysuckle

tastes like: caramel or red berry popsicle, or both!

sounds like: summer cicadas in Provence, or the sound of ocean waves crushing against the beach sand

Thanks Si! You have indeed an amazing idea of the heavenly wellbeing (you're so into my mind, girl)!

Image credits:
1. Jordi Canosa, 2.Francesco Lagnese, 3.Nicolas Matheus, 4.Côté Sud

Pet Petals

When I stumbled upon these assorted, bright creations over at Etsy I said to myself, wow, you've finally found what you were looking for to hang on your living room wall, girl! And then I realized that these things are not painted art (although the look only too good for that!) but recycled plastic bottle pieces that Gülnur Özdağlar has transformed into amazing petals that can be used as jewelry or decoration parts. Aren't they stunning?
You can visit Gülnur's blog and site to see her works (and how she uses them in her creations) and you can buy these ones from her etsy shop ($17.00).

Images via gulnurozdaglar.

Deep blue

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Today I'm inspired by the deep blue Aegean shades and I wouldn't mind having my morning coffee in that peaceful patio at Windmill Villas in Sifnos or spend a lazy afternoon under the olive tree in Grace hotel in Mykonos (after I wake up in this bedroom with the most amazing blue rooftop).

P.s. Check these ones if you prefer green..

Image credits: