I (retro)love you

Saturday, March 31, 2012

Feeling rather retro today!

Original collage  (€13,00) by Francesca Capellini of La Signora Bon Bon.

Easter Pastels

Friday, March 30, 2012
Love these hand-dyed pastel baskets and bowls by Wind and Willow Home. Since I am tidy weirdo (kind of OCD) I can imagine just too many ways to use these cuties to store away my stuff. And that is after Easter, cause I'm gonna use these for my festive decoration (these eggs would look wonderfully pretty in them, don't you think?).

Basket ($12.00) / Bowls ($12.00)

Drifting away

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Sometimes, when I chose which photos I'll use for a post I feel like I tiptoe on shades, textures and emotions. I'd definitely love to spend some time in that bedroom, imagine that I'm far away in a distant bay village, feeling the sea breeze coming through the window, keeping me noiseless company. Or, drift away by the look of the old, worn mirror and the decaying yet proud sofa wishing from the bottom of my heart that when I close my eyes I'll be taken away to the purest of dreams.

Image credits:
1.Édith Andréotta via Maison & Deco, 2.skona hem

Easy breezy by the sea

The above images are a resume of today's activities (ok, apart from my afternoon meeting- but you'd probably wouldn't be interested in that!). That translates to a rejuvenating walk by the sea (and a late post that is..) and tons of fresh salty air in my lungs! Have I told you how much I love being freelance and decide for myself which my working hours would be (ehmm, most of the times)? 

Images by me.

Total white

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Hello, you Aegean house with the dazzling white interiors! I'd really like to see how the bold summer sun would reflect on your pure surfaces!

P.s. More Aegean white on this one.

This house is located in Mykonos Island and designed by Dorizas Nikolas. Photos via Elliniko Spiti.

Mid-week daydreaming

So, how about spending a sunny Wednesday at the countryside (instead of the file-piled office)? Wake up to a refreshing sun, open the windows to breathe in the early morning breeze, have a long, lazy breakfast outdoors amongst the birds and the trees  and then, perhaps, take a stroll at the backyard forest (backyard forest- love this idea!).
Ok, back to work now (hmm..)

Image credits:
1.jj locations via Home & Garden Deco, 2.Christopher Drake via Provencal Escapes: Inspirational Homes in Provence and the Cote D'Azur by Caroline Clifton-Mogg

Cyclades in green

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

When it comes to the Cyclades, I keep having in my mind blues and whites (and, of course, the desaturated browns and grays of the harsh earth), but who doesn't (although they are definitely not just blue&white!). Well, I'm really attracted by these shots from houses in Santorini, Naxos and Mykonos where green color steals the show. Whether as a paint on the windows, doors and furniture or as nature elements, I feel these shades are a most welcoming alternative and totally suitable for  springtime (oh, Bougainvillea, here you are again, my love)!  

Images by Red Studio via Idaniko Spiti.

Bits&pieces: Country pastels

Monday, March 26, 2012

amethyst votive ($38.00 - Leif)
palmarosa soap ($8.00 - Brookfarm Generalstore)
jar (£6.95 - dotcom giftshop)
lavender painting ($15.00 - Tree Hollow Designs on Etsy)
imabari towels ($12.00-$48.00 - Abc Home)
armchair (10,600SEK - Svenskt Tenn)
address book (£12.00 - John Lewis)
cushion (£32.00 - Scandi Living)
ceramic houses purple/orange (€30.00-24.00 - ARTISANIEeurope on Etsy)

Ode to simplicity

Sunday, March 25, 2012

I fell head over heels for this lady over here. How simple and straightforward this chic kitchen is? Black cabinets combined with marble countertop (black for the cabinets and white for the island!) and breathtaking rhombus tiles as splashback (check the rhombus detail on the glass part of the upper cabinets that complements the tiles). Perfect finishing touch are the black Madeleine barstools that bring a french country essence to the place (you can find them here). 

Kitchen designed by Greg Natale.

Bathroom sweeties

Saturday, March 24, 2012

These bathrooms feel like sweet candies, don't they? And, most amazing is that they do so without adopting the classical cutie, romantic, often overwhelming style. Like the bare concrete floor and the sleek built in cabinets in the first photo (with the pink shades flirting spontaneously here and there) and the bold patterned wall just below (still, wallpapers in the bathrooms..) with the industrial tin cupboard and the DO NOT ENTER sign.

Image credits:
1.Barbara Groen, 2.Jean-Marc Wullschleger via Dustjacket Attic.


Friday, March 23, 2012

Maybe I be even more festive this Easter and, apart from the neon dip-dyed ones, I'll try to make some golden confetti eggs! Aren't they just perfect for sparkling celebrations?

Great tutorial by Rebecca Wright via Oh, happy day (photos by Robyn Kessler).

Timzowood Living stools

I love these pastel stools by Timzowood Living and I can imagine, oh, just over a thousand ways to use them! Like a bedside table, or as a second next to the sofa or your favorite armchair, in the kids room or even the bathroom. They will sure brighten up any place whatsoever! Where would you use them?

You can find them in Timzowood Living.
Lou (€ 24.95), Suus (€ 29.50), Aagje (€ 24.95)

Rustic love

Thursday, March 22, 2012

A rustic atmosphere is always a favorable subject of mine. I would never say no to this sunlit nook, where I could cuddle up with a good book and a glass full of orange juice or this kitchen with the most amazing carved marble sink and the concrete built-in cabinets. Extra love goes to the hardware faucets and the vintage ΤΙΜΟΛΟΓΙΟΝ sign (price list that is..).

Image credits:

..the day begins..

Shane Hansen draws this bird and says
the birds call
the day begins
and I am alive 
(Maori proverb)

I agree and would love to see this print in real life (the drops are from shimmer ink).

I've found Shane Hansen and his beautiful works via Jackie Magpie.

Bedroom chill

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Here is some mid-week bedroom inspiration. I've picked up those that bring out a desirable freshness, suitable for an almost warm spring afternoon. Bed linens are crisp and in shades of blue, white and gray and sheer white curtains play a delicate and airy role whether located over the bed or on the windows. Now, choose your favorite and daydream of a revitalizing siesta in it.

Image credits:
1.Lucy Feagins via The Design Files, 2.Derek Swalwell, 3.Fenton & Fenton via An Indian Summer, 4.Belen Imaz via Interiores May 2011, 5.sacramento street

Neon spring

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Neon shades have started to grab our attention quite a long time now, but as we head more into the spring (it's the spring equinox today, hooray!) they just seem to multiply and literally get on everything. I enjoyed these neon dip-dyed eggs I saw at Joy's blog (visit the post to find out how to do them yourself- tutorial by Courtey of Merriment) and the fresh blooms beautifully shot by Llooka. Maybe I'll bypass the easter traditions this year and opt for something more bright (can't get more bright that neon right?)

Image credits:
Eggs: Photos by Katie Stoops via Oh, Joy

Rough and green

Sometimes green color is like a fresh, cool glass of water to me. And that's exactly how I felt while looking at these shots of this amazing home of the architect Kate Otten. I'm in love with the rough woods and concrete surrounded by all the trees and plants and the open wide view of the bedroom dressed in the sheer, nature inspired, ceiling high curtains.

Images by Elsa Young via House and Leisure September 2011.

Red&White March

Monday, March 19, 2012

Greeks, have a special bonding with red and white color combination and March. We were told, as kids, to wear a red/white yarn bracelet to protect ourselves from the strong and harsh sun of the first days of spring (we called it Martis- like the month). I'm not sure if it worked (well, I am..) but it was really hip to wear one and we all anxiously awaited for the 1st of March to come.  
Now, after all these years of using more approved ways to protect myself from the sun, I still like to use this combination in my home (and on myself) to bring some of my childhood memories and the essence of a carefree springtime. Like this welcoming transit letter sign to decorate or these crocheted blankets to keep myself warm during the, still cold, March evenings.

Hello transit sign ($48 - Three Potato Four)
Crocheted blanket (£40.00 - rocketandbear on Etsy)

The old harbor

Sunday, March 18, 2012

We enjoyed some really good time by the sea today! I'm glad to say that my downtown, groundfloor apartment is only a few minutes walking distance from the old harbor, thus taking long strolls by the fish boats and the seagulls is the easiest and prettiest way to spend a lazy Sunday in the city. And, above all, the sun was amazingly shiny today that I even got myself two reddish cheeks (despite the high SPF..).
How was your weekend then? Did you wear some green or not (we do not celebrate St Patrics day here so I'd love to know how you spent yours)?

Image by me.

Welcoming Mariah

Warm and welcoming atmosphere in Mariah O'Brien interiors. Like finding shelter in a most beautiful dream.. (mint walls, amazing rugs, eye-catching chandelier and a cozy breakfast nook to mention only a few accents that caught my eye).

These shots are from Loz Feliz Manor. Check Mariah's work here.

Outdoor bliss

Saturday, March 17, 2012

The weather starts feeling more spring-like every day that passes (although my fingers are still very cold as I'm typing..) and all the images I stumble upon while browsing just keep telling me that! Like the above amazing terrace (located in the heart of the Cyclades) with the sun sneaking through the roof straws and the inviting tablescape with the bougainvillea and rosemary in the tin pot, the rattan placemat and the bold striped napkins tucked inside the glass. I would add some colorful tea towels, like these ones from Pigeon Toe for a completed feel-good atmosphere. And, what better way to close this midday fiesta than a good ol' siesta (this bedroom seems only too appropriate for that!). 
Hope you have a sunny weekend wherever you are!

Image credits:
1.striped tea towels ($18 - Pigeon Toe), 2,3.Costas Picadas via casa tres chic, 4.Toast


Friday, March 16, 2012

I finally caught up with doing some blog changes I'd been planning quite a long time now. I redesigned my sidebar buttons to match my header, moved things around a bit and added a separate advertise, subscribe and contact button one the top left corner of the blog (the about page is not done yet- promise, I'm on to that as well). That way it will be easier for you to sponsor, follow or contact My Paradissi!
What do you think? There are some bits&pieces still missing but I'd love to have some feedback from you!

Photo of Kate S.Jordan's place via design sponge.


Thursday, March 15, 2012

My Paradissi is undergoing some changes... Thank you for your patience =)

Image by rock that horse.

Catalina Estrada

When I came across Catalina Estrada's work on Houzz I was ecstatic! 
Amazing overloads of colors in a neo-psychedelic form with lots of folkloric inspirations (born in Colombia, living in Barcelona and traveling a lot- what would you expect?!) that dress up from walls and linens to bags and helmets! I've picked up a few photos of amazing wall covers that Catalina created in collaboration with the wallpaper company Coordonné , but you can view all of her works at her site

P.S. These floor tiles seem to be the perfect match to Catalina's work, don't you think?

Images via Houzz.

Home love: Barbara's abode

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Oh, Barbara, you know you live in such a beautiful place? 
Although, far far away from here (Australia is actually in the other side of the world..) this sunny spot contains all these details that define my dream home. I love the easy going atmosphere of the house, the feeling that this place is alive and full of exciting people. This large window at the dining room looking at the patio (amazing single tree out there!) gets all the desirable sunlight in and blends in brilliantly with the table, the eames chairs, the carpet (love love love!) and the art on the wall. Her office spot (and kid's playroom to add!) is definitely a place to spend long productive hours, with its vintage cabinet to organize the clutter and lots of inspiration on the wall for pronto brainstorming! And the entrance with the most amazing door and the rustic floor tiles gets you into the whole spirit at first glance! 
You can check more photos of this gorgeous spot over at The Design Files.

Photos by Sean Fennessy.