Monday, December 3, 2012

Pure chic

I am a simple person at heart. Or, at least, I feel at home in a clean cut, straight forward house, where everything has its place and no clutter distracts me from having fun and/or relaxation. And by clean cut I do not mean stark and sleek, the 'don't touch', magazine prep interiors, whereas a place that is decorated with functionality and budget in mind, a place that can be actually lived by its inhibitors and, most of all, a place that brings balance and serenity to one's soul.

Having said that, you probably understand why I picked this place for today's house tour. It's bright, clean, fresh, cozy and stylish. You might not realize at first sight, but if you look closely, you'll even find it is subtly decorated for Christmas as well! If I has to pick, I'd say that the bedroom is my favorite spot in this house (I love the bed!). What would your favorite one be?

P.s. See more house tours here.

Images by Donna Griffith via Style at home.


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