My Paradissi in 2012

Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 has been a sweet year for My Paradissi. There's been a blog conference on May that I attended, spoke and met lots of amazing people, a big interview by brazilian Casa e Jardim on July (you can read it here- google translated in english here), the purchase of my new dslr (and my first attempts) on May, my second blog birthday on June and, of course, My Paradissi expanding its presence on facebook and pinterest at last. There were also the first attempts to show off my home (such a shy gal me), my roundabouts and my cooking skills. Finally, I was more than pleased to welcome a bunch of beloved bloggers for my Finding Paradise Guest Post Series.

Here are some of the most loved post of My Paradissi for 2012.

Hope you enjoyed the company of this blog as much as I have enjoyed yours and I really wish we will enter a new beautiful new year that's even better and brighter than this passing one. Thank you my friends for around this year! xoxo
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  1. Happy new year Paula! I'm glad to have you around and share all the beauty!