DIY: Winter scene jars

Friday, December 14, 2012
Creating miniature worlds inside mason jars? Yes, please, that sounds a great idea for those holiday afternoons. Dig into your kids toys, your vintage collections or drop by at a thrift store to grab your little world's props and let your imagination loose. See more of this how to by Leanna Maksymiuk over at Poot & Boogie (via poppytalk).
5 comments on "DIY: Winter scene jars"
  1. Great idea!!!I have what it needs!!(with an 6year old son, I have thousands of cars @ home!!!)

    Love, Vanda

  2. I've seen these everywhere and I just LOVE the idea!

  3. panemorfo bazaki tha to fiaxo me to anhpsio moy ton Niko !!!!