Monday, November 12, 2012

Living large

Size doesn't matter, especially when it comes to style and function. And this apartment is the proof. 
The, what once was a large and spacious 19th century apartment, underwent a radical square meter reduction in the 50ies to become what it is today; a small yet hospitable 65m2 home. Decorator Pepe Leal did his magic and doubled the visual space of the place with just a few strategical moves. 

The living room, the dining spot and the kitchen were brought together in an open floor plan minimizing the useless space and maximizing the effectiveness. White walls, large floor planks in a light brown shade and the ample daylight that comes from the ceiling heigh doors also emphasize this result. I love the recessed shelves in the living room and the hallway, as well as the sleek wooden kitchen cabinetry. 

What do you think of this place? I sure am in love with it!

P.s. See more house tours here.

Images via micasa.


  1. Γλυκύτατο μέρος, αποπνέει ζεστασιά!

  2. Is so beautiful!Happy week Eleni!:)

    1. It is indeed Ελλη μου! Καλή εβδομάδα!


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