Inspire the weekend

Saturday, November 17, 2012
micasa bedroom
micasa living room

Hello my friends, how are you?
There was supposed to be raining these past few days but, alas, the weatherman was once more wrong and the sun is bright and shine up on the sky. Maybe I'll take the advantage and go for a stroll outdoors to absorb some rays.
This weekend is crammed with bits and pieces of to dos and fun, from working deadlines, household chores and a tsikoudia distillation party (we tend to have lots of fun while gathering altogether to make this strong alcoholic beverage- with lots of taste drinking and music).
I'm leaving you this weekend with a bright, elegant spot, fit for reckless sunny relaxation. I love the room beams with the gilded hue, the small, mediterranean style openings and the chic vintage atmosphere that the furniture and lines create.
Enjoy! xoxo


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Images via micasa revista.

5 comments on "Inspire the weekend"
  1. What a great POST Eleni! The sun has gone, we have rain, but your links(Loved the alarm one!!!!hahaha) made my day!!!
    Thanks and ENJOY the weekend. When it's raining I love to do things in the house: bake, receiving friends, etc!!!!

  2. Thanks Vanda!
    I guess we're gona have rain too sooner or later!
    Enjoy your weekend! xoxo

  3. You amaze me again Eleni!!I love the photos!
    Happy weekend!

    1. You're so sweet Elli! Thanks =)
      Enjoy the weekend too!

  4. I love the chalk boards - such a cool idea, and these fairy tale illustrations just leave me breathless - so beautiful!