Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Cozy bedrooms

I have to admit that this has been a pretty hectic week (month) so far. So excuse my persistence but I kind of need clean and bright interiors to soothe my sore eyes and feed my soul. These bedrooms are exactly where I'd love to be right now, for they smell of fresh sheets and crisp morning dew, tucked under the cushy throw in utter silence.

P.s. More white bedroom bliss here and there.

Image credits:
1.Tim Pascoe via sfgirlbybay, 2.Alessandro Capellaro, 3.Lantliv, 4.Hus&Hem via desire to inspire, 5.home&cottage, 6.Vogue Australia Sept/Oct 2010 by Martin Morell via haute design, 7.Adriaano Osthuizen via Vici no62


  1. This reminds me the last apartment I sold to a Norwegian client, they made all the house white, such a beautiful result!!!!

  2. I love that adorable pillow with the buttons on it. Great design.

  3. Lovely - and I love the picture behind the bed!

  4. Το λευκο που ξεχωρίζει!

  5. That first picture almost makes me ready for winter :) I am so tempted to start Christmas decorating, but I am trying to wait until next weekend.

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