Friday, October 12, 2012

Rustic kitchen storage

I feel inspired by these country style kitchen storage; open shelving to display china, shutter like cabinet doors for a french elegance and a simple rustic buffet in white patina to store away your precious vintage collections. 
Which one would you prefer? 

P.s More rustic kitchen inspiration here, here and there.

Image credits:
1.Sköna Hem, 2.Carol Glasser, 3.Country Living  (all found via desde my ventana)


  1. Τι υπέροχη η ντουλάπα με τα πατζούρια!

  2. Υπεροχη πιατοθηκη

  3. I made this as an inspiration for a small café I started with a two of my friends. We had an idea of a rustic café, and had similar storage made to accentuate the shop space. I am pleased with the carpentry and outcome of the storage space in my café and glad to have seen this article beforehand.


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