Modern findings

Monday, October 8, 2012

In the heart of mid-century modern style, there lays an astonishing apartment. Blended with contemporary touches and pops of bold colors, the use of classic to be modern furniture and bohemian patterns create a unique canvas one can't simply ignore. Blue eames chairs, danish cabinetry, sleek forms followed by soft leather, fluffy fur and textured rattan, rounded furniture corners meet acute triangular ones and a bright, ambient light coming through the xl windows to unite them all harmoniously.
What I pick out from this space is the abundant use of plants and greenery. They really make a difference on the whole design. What's your pick?

Images via Modern Findings (check the blog as well).

4 comments on "Modern findings"
  1. Αχ τι ωραία αυτά τα κρεμαστά φυτά στις γυάλινες θήκες!

  2. WOW!Really modern!I like these patterns and shapes sooooo much!Καλή σου εβδομάδα Ελένη!

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