Tuesday, October 16, 2012


I have a soft spot for anything cushy and warm I can cuddle, now that the days get chillier. These handmade blankets by Rose James of Gypsya, with all those bright colors and patters, are exactly what I need at the moment!

Fucksia blanket ($108.00)
Floral blanket ($118.00)


  1. Those Kantha quilts are also my softest spot. My sofas are covered in them!
    Thanks for showing these!

  2. There so pretty. I'd love to snuggle up to any of them right about now :)

  3. I love the green and grey shades of the first pics, what a lovely corner!

  4. I love and hate this post simultaneously. I keep walking into shops and fuelling my lust for which I don't have the funds and now you post all these glorious specimens - oh the pain!! Beautiful, though.

  5. You know Florence, I feel exactly the same way only a bit worse; imagine infinite hours browsing through amazing shops to find all the things I share with you and I hardly ever indulge in shopping! It's like working in a bakery shop while on a diet!

  6. We can stay strong! My boyfriend tried to persuade me the other day that the things that I DO buy are all the more special because of all the other things I lusted after but DIDN'T buy. Maybe we should heed these words of wisdom...

  7. I adore the green and grey shades of the first pics, what a ravishing corner!


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