Folder: Bathroom

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Extra bathroom storage is always a plus, especially when it looks that chic and organized.

Image via design dump.
3 comments on "Folder: Bathroom"
  1. Kalimera!

    Surfing through all the blogs, I am happy to have found a Greek here!
    My name is Susi and I am from Germany. My whole family loves your beautiful country and we always spend our holidays in Greece. Mostly on Rhodes or Crete. (We have wonderful friends in Chania since 25 years!)

    Nice to meet you and I will come for a visit from now on regulary.
    Greetings from Germany, yeia sou, Susi

  2. Hi Susi,
    nice to meet you =)
    I'm glad you like My Paradissi and really happy that you like Greece too. With all the thinks happening around here the last couple of years, this place is transforming from a real life heaven into a sad and hard to live in. I wish things change soon..
    See you around dear! xoxo

  3. Love white bathrooms, and indeed this cupboard looks so chic!