Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Clawfoot tub inspiration

Clawfoot tub inspiration
Clawfoot tub inspiration
Clawfoot tub inspiration ©Enrique Menossi
Clawfoot tub inspiration ©Messana O'Rorke
Clawfoot tub inspiration
Clawfoot tub inspiration ©Mikkel Russel
Clawfoot tub inspiration by mirabeau

Here is some more clawfoot tub inspiration, 'cause I know you really like them ;)

P.s. Enjoy some more beautiful tubs here and there.

Image credits:
1.Tongue in cheek, 2.Living Etc via planete deco, 3.Enrique Menossi, 4.Messana O'Rorke, 5.shelterness, 6.Mikkel Russel, 7.mirabeau


  1. You know we love!Happy afternoon!:)

  2. I love them too! - and honestly Idon't know anybody who doesn't ;)

  3. A tub in a bathroom or bedroom is always classy and so romantic. You might be responsible if someday I put one right in the middle of my room, because you fill our eyes with all those beautiful bathrooms and tubs.
    Just by coincidence, there is a Greek serial being retransmitted on Mega this period, "Dyo kseni" and there is a famous tub in the middle of the living room, just as you enter the house of Costantinos. You might know what I am talking about. I never understood that odd furniture misplaced in that house when I first saw the serial (I was a child) but now I soooo do appreciate it :)

  4. Hehe, I know exactly what you mean! It's Mr Markoras exquisite taste of style, I guess! Who knows, maybe an actual clawfoot tub might actually look cool in the middle of a living room! xoxo

  5. These are gorgeous!!!!! The 2nd one is my dream bathroom!

  6. I am a total tub person! And those are all beautiful! If only I've got a big space in my other bathrooms I'd definitely place them on each of my bathroom. My fave is the 2nd one!

  7. Not sure I like the rust in the 5th picture, but the 1st image is fantastic.

    I can't tell... Is that a faux finish or is the authentic aging?

    It's got to be a faux finish, but it's sure nice.

    It actually reminds me of our "black pearl" finish.

    Eli Fry
    Classic Clawfoot Tubs


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