A kitchen renovation

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

I'm smitten by this simple yet outstanding renovation of what once used to be a dull kitchen. The butcherblock countertop and the wooden panel splashbacks make a great pair with the whites of the appliances, the Ikea cabinets and the floor. The little details here and there, like the industrial bins, the open shelving, the desk lamp next to the range and the double cord lamps hanging from the ceiling create the exact handmade-industrial atmosphere I love to love.

What do you think of this kitchen? Is it a hit or just too diy for your taste?

P.s. I love this kitchen and this one, as well.

Photos by Angus Fergusson via Arren Williams Design Lab.
3 comments on "A kitchen renovation"
  1. It's interesting, but I wonder how useful that wood backsplash would be in the end, and that lamp would get in my way. I kind of like the ceiling fixtures tho. It is one way to renovate on a budget. Has it's good points!

  2. Is that a window next to the door with a bright light? If it were mine, I'd put a shutter in it to control the light that's coming in.

  3. It looks nice, but not exactly my cup of tea. If I were to design my dream kitchen, I want it to be a bit modern.