Friday, August 3, 2012

White House Villa, Santorini

August in Greece means blue, white, strong winds and sun; vacation and Aegean islands. So, excuse my repetition, but I have one more cute little villa in Santorini to show you. 
I need to spend a few hours soaking in the shaded jacuzzi, just gazing at the breathtaking view of the White House Villa. And, wake up after a long, midday siesta in the all white crisp cave bedroom. These kind of villas are such a treat for a bunch of close friends to spend some days all together having fun! 
Now, where did I put my credit card (hmm..)

P.s I'm still in love with this impressive hotel in Naxos and, of course, yet another sweet small gem in Santorini.

Images via edeliving.


  1. All I need to see is the word Santorini in a post title and I'm sold!

  2. Ε να εδω είναι που λες τα λευτά φέρνουν την ευτυχία...!!ΥΠΈΡΟΧΗ απλα!καλό σ/κ!

  3. Χαχαα, άσε Έλλη και την πατήσαμε!!!

  4. Oh this is cruel! So beautiful - thank you for sharing. F x


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