Saturday, August 4, 2012

Turquoise and white

As an alternative to deep blues, I dig the turquoise softness that completes the stark white forms of this Π shaped house in Antiparos. And, the olive and the fig trees, that stand there as the only green figures in an otherwise blunt environment. 

P.s. Love these turquoise shutters as well!

Design by VOIS Architects. Images by Giorgos Kordakis via Vimadeco.


  1. ...και μια ελια, και λιγα συκα!
    Πολυ ομορφο σπιτι.

  2. Oh God, I have fallen in love with this house since last year I think. That patio created by the P with that olive tree perfectly placed is just heavenly. I will always be fascinated by mediterranean islands' architecture !!

  3. I have been really drawn to turquoise lately, and I really love the softness of it here!

  4. So beautiful - fills me with nostalgia of many happy years growing up in Cyprus


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