Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Stone and the sea

Rough rocks and the blue sea. Masculine and feminine. Earth and water. Steady and ongoing. Logic and emotion. I can go on forever with these couples. The actual thing is that stone and sea is probably the ultimate summer combination that I'll never get used to!

P.s If you dig stone as well, check out these interiors with stone here and there.

Image credits:
1.Rizes Hotel, 2.Brent Darby, 3.Vangelis Paterakis, 4.Francesco Lagnese via Dustjacket Attic, 5,6.Elliniko Spiti


  1. Οτι καλυτερο να καθεσαι σε δροσερο βραχο και να ατενιζεις την θαλασσα.

  2. Adorei muito lindo,belo maravilhoso

    Abs Brasil para você parabéns


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