Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Rustic kitchen style

I love some rustic kitchen inspiration now and then. I've been coveting this stone carved sink quite a long time now and I think it's high time I shared it with you. Isn't it amazing? It would make such a great pair with old, antiquated cabinetry, filled with vintage glassware and handmade linens, rattan baskets and terra cotta floor tiles.  Or, a few built in stucco shelving, with simple white pottery and a few brass accessories to break the monotony. I still can't ignore the little curtain under the sink in the third photo, so typically country, and the hanging wooden shelf right above. 
Oh, what a kitchen bliss we have today!

P.s. More kitchen inspiration here. Oh, and take a look at this marble sink as well! Beauty!

Image credits:
1.Enrique Menossi2.Henry Del Olmo via aesthetically and gun, 4.Valerie Barkowski


  1. I love butler sinks, esp. ones that are raised up, placed on the counter top.

  2. love the green vines growing on the inside of that one shot

  3. I love this kitchen style. It feels like very country and homey. I like those vines too. It would really be perfect having an herb garden on the side.

  4. Oh, everything in these kitchens are beautiful!

  5. ΠΟλυ ομορφες!

    Καλο μηνα.


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