Sunday, August 19, 2012

August bliss- the return

It's been a beautifully rejuvenating week by the beach, where, amongst other lazy things, I spent hours on this hammock gazing at the sea horizon. Hopefully, all this cosmic energy that I gathered the past days will come out shining and inspiring for the coming fall.
I really missed you guys, so starting tomorrow (I need this Sunday to catch up with my working brain after this pause, if you know what I mean) My Paradissi will be back to normal schedule, with loads of beauties and bliss! xoxo

P.s More photos of my vacation down south will follow, along with a few shots of the real Paradissi, so stay tuned ;)

Image by me.


  1. Oh it looks SO relaxing Eleni...nice to have you back though xoxo

  2. Welcome back, Eleni! So pleased you had a great vacation - can't wait to se snaps!

  3. καλως ήρθες...ειμαι πολύ περίεργη να δω τις φώτο..!!!!


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