Silent mornings and paper

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Oh, how much I enjoy silent mornings! I try these days to move a bit away from the screen (I said I try, ok?) so I grabbed a bunch of my favorite printed inspirations and curled up in the sofa. Highly recommended these two guys; Modern Ethno Interiors (definitely a must-get if you are a fan of this) and Greek Style (if you mostly enjoy places like this and that). Iced coffee, legs up, beloved music and loads of inspiration running through my veins! I can tell you I really enjoyed that ;)

Images by me.

2 comments on "Silent mornings and paper"
  1. Mornings like that are essential. I find it so important to start my mornings in silence. I never ever turn on the radio but I admit that usually I open my laptop ;-)

  2. I have dog-eared copy of My Greek Style - LOVE IT LOVE OT LOVE IT!