Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Meli meli in Santorini

Meli in greek means honey and, by looking at these photos, I can totally understand how the owners came up with the name of this small hotel in Imerovigli, Santorini. Traditional Cycladic architecture blends with an elegant off-white interior that provides the guest with abundance of style, peace and feel-good emotions. 
Stay under the shadow, enjoy some fresh dives into the pool and, of course, take long hours sucking in all the blues of the surroundings! 
And a confession.. Writing posts on My Paradissi sometimes proves unbearable; how can I write about you Meli Meli and not taste you for a while? Especially, in this hot hot midweek weather *sigh*

P.s. Talking about honey, have you entered this Cretan bliss giveaway?

Images via Meli Meli. Found via Cycladia.


  1. So beautiful! I could definitely stay there for a while.

  2. aaaaaaaaaahh,, I think I was born to live in Greece,,,,,just love all your posts too! congrats!
    something blue living

  3. I'm speechless! I'm going to save this post in my computer because if I ever go to Santorini I HAVE to stay in this hotel!

  4. I am going to Greece in October! cannot wait!

  5. wow gorgeous place... merci for this address... I think I'll share!! We"re all of Greece!


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