Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Kitchen love

There are certain things to a kitchen that I simply can't say no (like built-in shelving and large windows) and there are others that, although I haven't given a second thought about them, they get to capture my heart only by looking at them (perhaps I should include them in my dreaming of the ideal kitchen). White, wooden cottage style cabinetry with naturally shaded glass door frames is an interesting idea spice up the all white decoration and a gray painted kitchen island brings a loose attitude to a more sleek and tidy space. 
So, is any of the above ideas appealing to you?

Image credits:
1.William Abranowicz via aesthetically thinking, 2.my lovely things, via.


  1. I love built-ins like the one you have shown where they don't look too manicured and customized. I think the rustic doors really make that piece, it's gorgeous!

  2. I love the exposed, unpainted wooden doors on that first set of cabinets.

  3. I love both ideas equally as much. The two-tone cabinetry is beautiful and reminds me that home decor often mimics clothing. I mean, we most often do not wear just one color? Also, I love the color the homeowners chose for their island.


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