Thursday, July 12, 2012

Kids marvelous sheets

Ok, I have to admit that I had a really difficult time to narrow down to these choices of toddler bedding by The Land of Nod, thus the long image above. I have one big complaint though; why, oh, why don't they come in adult king bed sizes these cuties (I'd love to have the bazaar set for myself)? I guess I'll have to wait until I have kids of my own to have them in my place!

You can find all of the above here. And there are plenty more on sale here.


  1. Wow, fantastic pieces!! *drooling*


  2. The Bazaar set goes up to a Queen size!

  3. Yes, I know! Great for a queen size bed but still a bit small for mine..

  4. Umm will have to seriously think about these for me! Great colours and designs. Thanks for the tip! Have a good weekend. F


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