Tuesday, July 10, 2012

How to cope with high temperatures

It's burning hot over here today, but, thankfully, my inspiration folder is full of refreshing images! Like the ones above; a rejuvenating mix of nature greens and water blues, shady nooks and breezy views. 
What a divine luxury to have a pool in your backyard, don't you think?

P.s. Can't stop dreaming of this pool and this one under the bougainvillea!

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  1. I would kill to have a pool right now, especially one of those.

  2. Those pools + ice cream = heaven

  3. I would LOVE to have a pool in my backyard (well, if I had a backyard that is!). Fab inspiration.

  4. Πολυ ωραιες ιδεες μονο που δεν βρισκετε καμια ευκαιρη χα χα!

  5. which part of the world is this

  6. My apartment is sweltering at the moment. I hope to dream about these pools tonight! ;)


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