Thursday, July 26, 2012

Hotel Son Bernadinet, Mallorca

Traveling 'round Crete should be enough by itself but daydreaming about beautiful hotels around the world seems like an unavoidable necessity to feed the soul (we went to Morocco, Mexico and Naxos these past few days!). Today we're in Mallorca and the charming rural Hotel Son Bernadinet
I have a thing for the sleek country elegance that is most perfectly described in the above shots. The natural materials, the  earthly hues, the soft crisp linens, the comfortable interiors and the shady, sun protected outdoors. Love the terracotta floors and the thick white bougainvillea pergola. Have you checked the vaulted brick ceiling? Isn't it a piece of art?
So, are you with me for a few days of chilling at Son Bernadinet?

Images via El Mueble.


  1. Oh my goodness! I've stayed here and can confirm that it's just as wonderful in real life! :)

  2. Really?! You, lucky guy Will!!!

  3. Και μόνο που το βλέπεις χαλαρώνεις!


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