Monday, July 9, 2012

Hotel Ploes in Syros

Details really do make a difference and these to shots from Hotel Ploes in Syros make me want to go there, explore the whole place and live its experience. Unrestrained elegance with a mysterious twist and a, aged attitude I definitely can't resist. Oh and, as people say, Syros is a beautifully beautiful island!

P.s. Another beauty in Syros.

Images via Hotel Ploes.


  1. So the curtains floating in the breeze!

  2. wow! so gorgeous!! xo

  3. Syros is in fact so beautiful!!!! And so Greek!!!! Loved listening to greek families talking with each other in the streets of Ermoupoli... There are not so many tourists as in other islands like Santorini or Mykonos! Miss the nougat (isn't it?)... Miss the sunset in the arbour...!
    Adelia Barbi

  4. That tub is wonderful. Same with the bedroom area -so romantic!!!


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