Monday, July 16, 2012


I'm always eager to learn about new magazines and pretty enthusiastic to browse through their pages. So, imagine my joy when Halla B├íra send me a sweet email all the way from Iceland to introduce me to Home & Delicious. A magazine that is created by her and her husband, photographer Gunnar Sverrisson. Boy, this magazine is full of beautiful photos of spaces, places, products, diy and food, glorious food! I felt like traveling up north for a while, and believe me, I sure needed that kind of cool breeze in my soul at the moment! You should definitely check it out!
Great work guys =)


  1. What a great home. I love the rustic chic of it and the dominance of whites!

  2. I love that simple elegant staircase and all the white solid plaster walls - just gorgeous:)

  3. beautiful- can't wait to have a look.


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