Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Golden details in the bathroom

Sometimes a golden accessory, like a gilded frame or an antiquated golden towel ring, is all that a bathroom needs to turn from everyday classic to an elegant shabby chic paradise!
What do you think about substituting the mirror over the sink with an artwork (or something that makes you feel marvelous, anyway)?

P.s. Full scale golden bathrooms for the Midas inside us!

Image credits:
1.nuevo estilo, 2,3.horchow


  1. Lovely bathroom, super chic accessories!

    I don't I could live without my bathroom mirrow... I'm too vain ;-)

  2. Eleni, I've taken a look at your recent posts and are really nice, but this one has especially captured my eye. The bathroom is so pretty and your suggestion of golden towel ring very suitable.
    I like your idea of putting an artwork! but I always love to see me on the mirrors :-)))

  3. LOVE the gold. And that sink is amazing!


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