Monday, July 23, 2012

Dar Kawa, Marrakech

Visual travel to Morocco (once again) and to Dar Kawa house in Marrakech. Designed by talented Valérie Barkowski, this gem captures the heart of the moroccan essence in an astounding way. Taken with a fresh, modern twist, whilst keeping the traditional forms and tones, the atmosphere in what it seems to be a personal, sur mesure palace, awakens the exotic instincts of the long gone dessert princesses and the wild, curious nature of the spirited world explorers. 
It would be just a plain repetition of myself to express my love of the sleek stucco walls and built in furniture,  the ornamental metallic window balusters and the impressive shadows they create playing with the harsh sun. But I cannot ignore the delicate touches in the form of linens patterns and the art displayed on the walls that complete the contemporary look of the house.

Images via Valérie Barkowski. Found via desire to inspire.


  1. Beautiful! Thanks for spotting this, Eleni. Morocco is still on my travel wish list!

  2. I fell in love with these living rooms! I could use it as inspiration for my home in dc ranch.

  3. Ah, Morocco brilliance. Love those striped black and white throw cushions, too!

  4. Stunning images. Next year Morocco! Hopefully. :)

  5. These are just fantastic design. Whoever brought this all together is a genius. Well, it all suits my taste actually, hence I am loving it so much. I guess that puts Morocco on my travel list.

  6. inspiradorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!

  7. Μεταμοντερνο μαροκινο ντεκορ!

  8. Dar Kawa calling from Marrakesh.
    Thank you for this nice post, also very nice to read the pleasant comments of your readers.
    See you in Marrakesh ... Under the orange trees of Dar Kawa.
    Sunny Regards,
    Valérie Barkowski


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