Thursday, July 19, 2012

A touch of red

Using red wisely does brighten things up, don't you think? The idea of a red Simpsons art display over the home office put a smile on my face and I felt head over heels for this red bamboo chair beauty with the zebra pattern cushion. For the bold ones, a red wall can create an pretty intriguing atmosphere and for those who prefer a more cozy look, you can opt for these two nooks.
So, are you a red fan?

P.s. You can find more red inspiration at my red pinterest board.

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  1. I like it in the smallest of doses, so the second space resonates more with me. It's full of passion and fire, which I like - it packs a punch!

  2. Le cornici rosse , sono davvero simpatiche, ciao

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  4. Red is my favorite color, and a touch of it always makes me happy. Love that Lonny pic -- so fresh and fun. Love your new blog look, too!

  5. the pictures of the Simpsons is such quirky fun..


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