Friday, June 22, 2012

Yellow and lace

Bold and bright yellows playing around with pure, elegant lace seems like a really fresh way to start off the last day of this working week! So enjoy and, don't forget TGIF ;)

Image credits:
1.this is glamorous, 2.Haute Design, 3.Trevor Dixon, 4.elsa's, news, 6.the gingham owl, 7.Bentley Waters (all found via here and there)


  1. Oh, is that romantically! I´m always between black and white and a very clear style or coloured and sweet. A chateau with many rooms to decorate would be nice :)

  2. So inspirational. I love yellow. I have yellow roses in my garden and I find myself talking to them and patting them every day ;-)

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  3. This just makes me happy. I would love to wake up in that bed every morning!

  4. Just beautiful. A lovely combination.


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