Sunday, June 17, 2012

Sunday bliss

Hello friends, how is your Sunday so far? It's election day here in Greece (again) and I have to admit this time, more than ever, I'm pretty anxious about the result..
So, before I go and vote, I'm sharing with you the exact place I'd love to be at this moment. A hidden, little abode high on the mountains, with the most breathtaking view to the sea. Aha! And a midday lunch at its breezy terrace, mildly protected from the harsh sun by the straw roof. That's my dream sanctuary for this nerve wracking Sunday of June.

Images by Paolo Utimpergher via Elle Decoration.


  1. My goodness it's absolute paradise!!!! Take me there now!

  2. Thinking of you over there today. I'm with you, let's escape to this beautiful place for a day! Love it!

  3. Eleni - may I join you for lunch? Thinking of you in Greece and wishing you all a speedy recovery. Filakia F x

  4. Good luck to Greece and all her people. What a beautiful villa!

  5. truly blissful! It is so much fun to spend time with family and the closed ones.


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