Rustic and naturals

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Natural materials, unattained country style and a tad rustic essence fits only too well in the summer weather, don't you think? Each one of the above shots capture at least one of my favorite elements for this kind of style. The burlap pillows (I like this elephant one as an alternative), the rough wood canopy bed, the built-in shelving (built-in shelving has got to be my soft spot!), the stone wall with the hanging clay vases, the wicker trays composition on the wall (this one isn't bad either) and that amazing daybed in the last picture (actually, I'm a fan of the whole room, exactly as it is). What inspires you most from the above spots?

P.s. If you like this atmosphere you'd better check out this house and this hotel!

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2 comments on "Rustic and naturals"
  1. Αγαπημένα λινάρια!!!
    Υπέροχες εικονες όπως πάντα :)

  2. I am a fan of the built in shelving also, fantastic light shades and baskets!
    will add these pics to my "house love file" for our home renovation....long way in the distance.
    Carla x