Saturday, June 23, 2012

Orloff Resort in Spetses

If I could choose, I'd spend a lazy weekend at the Oroff Resort icon icon in Spetses. And, of all the weekend time, I'd enjoy most of it at it's mediterranean, blissfully peaceful patio. This one, with the pebble floors, the thick vine shadows, the clay pots with the geraniums and the impressive ancient olive trees. I can, oh so easily, depict myself sitting in the modern white chairs, enjoying cool watermelon with feta cheese and, when my body temperature rises up high I'd go straight into the sparkling, sheer pool and get refreshed!
You can find more details about the Oroff Resort icon iconin Spetses, as well as make your reservations, here icon icon.

P.s. More great weekend getaways here and there.

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