Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Naturally living

Who can say no to this natural hospitality? We stayed for a couple of nights under a huge athel tree just a few meters from the sea and literally had our thoughts and worries wiped out by the sparkling waves of the whispering waters. You could find me swinging in the hammock under the thick shadow, protected by the harsh midday sun or strolling by the shore when the sand was not burning hot, late in the afternoon. Oh, and swimming in the crystal clean waters while the sun was setting. Nothing more, nothing less. Sometimes I wonder why, us humans, make our lives that complicated when beauty and balance can be found on the simplest of things.

Images of Komos Beach by me. You can see more photos here.


  1. Looking at these pics you take me back to my year when I lived in Greece. It was the best & I miss it now!

  2. wow Eleni I love you "eye" on your surroundings... those pics are very peacefull thanks!

  3. That collage is wonderful, so inspiring, and your description matches your images perfectly. Nature is simply the best. There is no beach near but I have my garden ;-)

  4. I think you just found paradise.

  5. the first picture is already my laptopt's wallpaper!!!


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