Saturday, June 16, 2012

I've picked up some refreshing images to make the high temperatures here a bit bearable. How is it where you live? Is summer knocking at your door? 
Green has the magical ability of making you feel cool and revitalized, like written on the human DNA since the beginning of mankind, when people had more to do with nature than today. I miss green where I live (no complaining, though, we still got plenty of blues!) and the thick city atmosphere, with all the concrete, asphalt and cars is, in best case scenario, suffocating. So, insert me please in one of the above scenes- no matter which one, they are all perfect!

Image credits:
1.Anthony Lanneretonne, abril, 3.homelife, 4.dixneuf la ksour, 5.Ellen Silverman, 6.Jen Siska
2 comments on "Fresh"
  1. Γειά σου Ελένη!
    Πράγματι η φύση σε αναζωογονεί!

  2. Just back from Aegina Island and I feel my batteries full! :)
    Have a nice weekend ;)