Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Finding Paradise: Lanalou Style

Say hello to Lana of Lanalou Style! Lana is a designer, both fashion and interiors, with great graphic design and photography skills. She lives in Cape Town (wow, I want to go Africa!) and her beautiful blog, apart from inspiring interiors, style and photography, has a very helpful guide of Cape Town's spots and places (tried and tested by the girl, of course!). Spare a few moments to visualize her paradise and then head straight to her site!

To Lana, Paradise

feels like: warm sunshine while reading a good book on holiday.

looks like: a quiet beach with tropical blue waters on a summers day.

smells like: vanilla, jasmine and freshly ground coffee beans.

tastes like: fresh sushi and salmon sashimi with a glass of chardonnay.

sounds like: close friends chatting over a lazy lunch.

Thanks Lana, I  think I could live in your paradise for ever!

P.s You can find more paradises here:


  1. Thank you for introducing me to Lana and paradise.

  2. Looks and sounds gorgeous Lana...what a totally gorgeous shot of the water!

  3. Love Lana's blog so it's fun to see her here! Totally agree with her re: sunshine, holiday and a good book - bliss!

  4. Thanks for having me over Eleni! And thanks to Vicki, Debra and Will for your comments!x

  5. thanks a lot for introducing me to Lana!!!

  6. What a lovely place - I could spend plenty of time there too!

  7. I love Lana's idea of paradise! Sounds perfect to me :)

  8. Lana's idea of paradise is my idea of paradise ... sushi, ground coffee beans ... sigh!

    Love her blog too and all those gorgeous Cape Town places she shares with us. I definitely plan to visit one day.


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