Crowded beach

Friday, June 29, 2012

To be totally honest, this is not exactly my idea of having fun at the beach (I prefer more silent, people-free places) but these shots by Markus Henttonen have something disturbingly intriguing that I can't ignore. So, can you spot yourself in there?

Images via viewmasters.

3 comments on "Crowded beach"
  1. I live in Barcelona and yes, this time of the year the beaches are not just crowded but overloaded, water is getting too warm in a couple of weeks, many, many people everywhere... but hey, difficult to imagine having a beach for your own, right? And yes, those pics have a beautiful light!

  2. I know Gudy! Anyway, the closer to a city the more crowded a beach gets! At least we both live next to the water so we shouldn't complain at all =)

  3. Like you I'm not a fan of crowded beaches but I find these photographs absolutely amazing. To tell you the truth, I wouldn' t mind being there right now!